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CS investing review

Is CSinvesting just another of the many different platforms, or are they different in some way? That’s what we’re looking at today together!

CSinvesting review

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Is CSinvesting just another in a series of different platforms, or are they different in some way? That’s what we’re asking today

CSinvesting, unlike many other brokers and investment platforms, operates on a worldwide since 2010. Yes, we know that there are some companies on the market that have been around for over 40 years, but most of these companies are really only
a few years.

Many of you today do not want to leave your money in banks with little or no interest. So what to invest in? Corporate bonds seem like a good choice – fixed interest, contract, various promissory notes and the like. Unfortunately, more and more often we’re seeing companies disappear, owners disappear, and the state is satisfied as a creditor until and then the client… if there’s anything to go on. What next? Bank funds? I don’t need to. to explain… Today, we’re getting closer to the American mindset, so stocks, commodities, indices. Americans have been investing this way since they first made money at a young age, Europeans first build a house, buy a car and then invest. However, according to statistics show that today, because of inadequate conditions, more and more more and more people.
It is in this context that we can mention CSinvesting and our experience with company. Although it looks like an ordinary platform, it is not entirely ordinary. Let’s take a look at it more closely.

What is CSInvesting?

CSInvesting is a stock exchange tool, a platform that aims to offer classic investment instruments such as stocks, commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and more. Why is it so special? We’ve tried it out for you, and we’re most impressed by the efforts of the trading to educate you so that you can be completely independent. In short, we’ve made this education to our advantage, and then we found ourselves in a situation where there just wasn’t time. In that case, we spread the resources over a predetermined
portfolio that generates profits to this day. What does this mean? Simply, there’s a lot of money to be made for everyone – whether you’re an intraday trader who needs regular analysis fundamental, technical and macroeconomic data, or a passive investor with
long-term horizon who wants to cover inflation and go to the vacation from profits. So the experience with has been universally positive. MatchTrader platform CSInvesting uses the MatchTrader platform, which is only used by STP brokers, and therefore there is no conflict of interest between client and trader, which is in contrast to classic trading platforms used by the vast majority of market makers, a refreshing change.

FSCA license

CSInvesting is licensed by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), which operates after
worldwide except in countries where it does not have eligibility, namely the U.S., Syria and Korea. If you are a resident of any of these countries then the broker must reject you, because you have no one to supervise you and you have zero security over your funds.

Transparent fees

CSInvesting has highly transparent fees which are not the smallest but on the other On the other hand, they do not have any hidden fees like most other brokers.

STP Broker

It works purely as a broker, which means there is no conflict of interest, so the interest of this broker is to keep you trading as long as possible and to create a stable passive income.

Leverage & Liquidity

Leverage is selectable and ranges from 1:1 to 1:500. Position closing is in the order of milliseconds and withdrawals are usually within 48 hours, but everyone offers that nowadays. How to get started with CSInvesting? Investing with CSInvesting involves a few simple steps:
1. The registration process: registering with CSInvesting is quick and easy. The entire process is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes and is fully online. Just fill in the basic information, verify the your identity and confirm your account, just like with any broker. 2. The big difference here is that this company chooses the type of account type based on the amount of funds deposited, not the volume of trades. For example, you can choose a gold account (golden mean), you deposit 100 thousand USD, but you’ll be trading with, say, a tenth of your deposit, which means a lot more than if you had a deposit of $10,000 and invested the whole amount.

Account funding.

The platform supports bank transfers, credit cards and electronic wallets. Depositing by card is excellent in that you can see the funds in the
in your account right away, but that’s also how most brokers work.

Reviews of CSInvesting as a trading platform

We’ve gone through various reviews from people who had some reason to write a review at all. The important thing is that we didn’t find any negative reviews about deposits and withdrawals of funds anywhere, that’s the bottom line. Of course, we have tracked down reviews from disgruntled clients who, for example were unlucky in investing, sometimes they were very specific, but nothing you wouldn’t read from any big investment company.


Basically, this is a standard STP broker model, nothing ultra-super interesting we we found. We were irritated a lot by the fees on dynamic and volatile trades, but conservative portfolios are excellent. If you want to trade 5-6 hours every day and make a living at it, we can’t recommend CSinvesting. If you’re interested in a fairly stable passive income and you want to learn what you’re doing and how it works, this is the perfect broker for you.

Best solution if you want start investing online.

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